How Wet Weather Effects the Installation of your Landscape Design/Build Project

In the design/build business, wet weather can wreak havoc on a project install and the time frame in which that installation can occur.

Here at Ideal Landscape, we build our work schedule on the contracts we make with our clients.  As we ink the next project, the very next work days in our schedule are taken up for that client.  As we book more and more projects, we build a “pipeline” of projects to be completed.  Often times during the course of a season, that pipeline of work can extend to three months or more.  Every time we lose a day to rain, the entire pipeline of work is effected in that everything slides out one more day.

We honor that “pipeline” or consider it a timeline of work.  If we experience a week of rain when we are supposed to be at a particular client’s home for a project, that client doesn’t get pushed to the end.  The weather is no one’s fault.  The pipeline of work shifts out.  If you are next, you are next- regardless of job size.

As a design/build company, our installations are done on top of compacted/consolidated engineered soils.  We must be able to have properly consolidated sub-grades and base for our installations or the project will fail.  Excessive rain prevents us from properly compacting the engineered soils and excessive moisture in the sub-grade below our base materials can also prevent proper consolidation of material.

Without a good base to build on, the beautiful material you selected for your project, will not have a chance to last.  Water can and should delay the start of any project.  As a consumer, you should trust the contractor is going to make the right decision regarding water concerns.

Many of our projects involve paving stones like ones seen in our beautiful patio installations.  We use a polymeric sand to lock up the joints between the stones to extend the beauty and longevity of the project.  We need dry conditions in order to properly install that material.

Once a project is complete, we are often repairing damaged lawn or creating a planting bed.  If it’s raining out, spreading that loam effectively is nearly impossible.

Here in New England, we have an 8 to 9 month window to do installations.  We try to book every day we can…it’s how we make our living.  We can’t get lost days back when we lose them to weather conditions, but it is out of our control.  Believe me when I say this; “we want to finish your project as badly as you do!”  We are as disappointed as you are to have to delay your project for any reason.

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