So, you and your wife decide this weekend you want a patio space in the backyard.  You just spent part of your weekend at a friend or family member’s house and they had a beautiful patio space that everyone enjoyed hanging out on.
It’s the week after Memorial Day weekend, you start calling local contractors.  No one calls you back or when they do, they’re booked out several weeks if they are honest enough to tell you that.
Now you’re frustrated!  How hard can it be to get a patio installed?  You want to enjoy it for part of the summer.

Quality Landscape Design Takes Time to Plan

A quality built patio in your backyard takes some planning and is not something to be rushed.  A quality professional will want to meet with you and draw up simple plan and get you involved in the decision of shape and product selection and color.
A quality professional will want to listen as you describe how you want to use this new space so they can guide you to a best solution and design.
As we go through this process with EVERYONE that calls, we quickly begin to build a “pipeline” of work.
There is a time frame alone between; the first time a client calls us, to when we schedule the initial meeting, the estimate process and ultimately the buying decision.  That alone can easily take two to three weeks depending on the time of the year.
Simply as an example, in 2017, we worked 8 weeks into the spring season on projects we booked in the prior fall and winter.
Don’t get frustrated by the process.  Enjoy the process! Take the time with a company that’s willing to make the time to plan your project so you can have a quality installation that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Ideal Landscape is pleased to also offer 3D Landscape Design renderings and financing for landscape projects to make your backyard the place to be!